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This is a website of the Christian Guardians Fellowship.

The Christian Guardians Fellowship is a worldwide organization of Christians who have joined together to protect Christianity against all who assault it, especially atheists who believe in Darwinism.   

We have launched this website for two reasons:

  •    One of the purposes of this website is to offer our help to anyone dedicated to disproving Darwinism and/or proving that the Shroud of Turin is the true burial cloth of our Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.  If you are conducting your own research with the goal of disproving Darwinism and would like to corroborate or coordinate with us, please click here and send us an email.  There are many ways we can help you.   For example, our Fellowship includes highly qualified statisticians, a worldwide network of volunteers, and we have an extensive library available for our use. In special cases, we are also willing to help provide funding.

  •    The second purpose of this website is to provide and disseminate facts that will help Christians to better defend and keep their faith against the many enemies of Christianity.  If you are a Christian who would like to be better able to defend your beliefs, this website will be of great help to you.

    To help achieve this last goal, we will be regularly adding postings of essays that support Intelligent Design and disproving Darwinism.  If you would like us to post any of your own essays or research, so long as your essays support Christianity, we would be happy to do so and of course you will maintain all right, title and interest to your work, and we will post your works at our own cost and give you full credit and recognition.  You may contact us by clicking here if you have anything you would like us to post on our website on your behalf. 


    Intelligent Design is a brilliant and true hypothesis and the Christian Guardians are grateful to all those who have worked so hard to bring it’s wisdom and knowledge to the world.  But Intelligent Design needs to be advanced a few more crucial steps before it can defeat and replace Darwinism.  We suggest that supporters of Intelligent Design devote some of their efforts to improve and advance Intelligent Design Theory so that it can:

  •    Make accurate predictions.  (Darwinism cannot make accurate predictions.)

  •    It is quantifiable and able to be tested and thereby validated.  (Darwinism is not quantifiable.)

    One of the reasons Darwinism is obviously false is that no one has ever been able to make accurate predictions based on Darwinism, and Darwinism cannot be quantified or tested.  If Intelligent Design Theory is improved so that it can make accurate predictions and therefore can be tested, then it will have to be accepted.

    The Christian Guardians is pleased to announce that we believe have advanced Intelligent Design Theory to the brink of being able to make accurate predictions and therefore be tested and validated.  But we have more work to do and we invite every Christian to help us.

    Below we are going to reveal what we have accomplished in advancing Intelligent Design Theory but first we think it is wise to look back at an important detail about the birth of our Savior.


    The Gospels tell us that before Christ was born, three wise men from the East (called Magi) knew that the world’s Savior was about to be born.  The three Magi were very knowledgeable and understood that a new star would appear in the sky and the star would mark the Savior’s birthplace.  The three Magi saw the new star, made a lengthy journey and followed the star, found the baby Jesus, paid homage and gave Him gifts.

    The reason we remind you of all this is that we believe the Gospels are telling us the Magi were good men, and they were knowledgeable in astrology.

    That’s right, the Magi were astrologers.

    We know there are many Christians who believe that astrology is forbidden but we assure you that is not the case.  If astrology were forbidden by Christ’s true teachings, why would the Gospels tell us this story about the Star of Bethlehem?

    In fact, there are over 600 references to astrology in the Bible and none of the references condemn astrology. (See footnote 1.) 

    At the Christian Guardians, we believe that astrology is much like most other things.  Just as there is good and bad in almost everything else, there is bad astrology and there is good astrology. 

    You must be wondering what has any of this to do with Intelligent Design?

    We talk about all this because we have discovered a way to disprove Darwinism by using good astrology, and we have improved Intelligent Design by using good astrology.  The astrology we are using is the astrology of the Three Wise Men who foretold of the Bethlehem Star and successfully followed it to Christ’s birthplace.  The Three Wise Men were MAGI and their special form of astrology is called Magi Astrology.

    Magi Astrology is so different from any other form of astrology that 95% of Magi Astrology contradicts other forms of astrology.  The beauty of Magi Astrology is that it disproves Darwinism and proves Intelligent Design.  Magi Astrology helps to move Intelligent Design to the very high level needed so that Intelligent Design can make accurate predictions about genetics, the weather, and other areas that presently baffle scientists.

    If you proceed on and read the material on this website and our other websites, we promise you what you read will improve your life, help you to believe in our Savior, and you will see the world in a much brighter light than ever before.

    Click here for the first part of a twelve-part essay written with the purpose of helping Christians to defend Intelligent Design.


    According to Evolution Theory (now called Neo-Darwinism), most of the children of great athletes should also be able to become great athletes.  The reasoning, according to Neo-Darwinism, is that great athletes owe their athletic ability to their genes and such genes are usually passed onto their offspring.

    BUT --

    Have you ever wondered why Michael Jordan’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Wayne Gretzky’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Bill Russell’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Shaquille O’Neal’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Randy Johnson’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Jim Brady’s parents were not great athletes?

    Or why Jesse Owens’ parents were not great athletes?

    Or why almost no great athlete’s parents were themselves great athletes.

    The fact is that less than 1 in 500 professional athletes have either a father or mother or a child who has also been professional athletes.  And less than 1 in 500 professional athletes has at least one brother or sister who has also been professional athletes.  This is a knockout blow to Darwinism because unless great genes are passed on most of the time, Darwinism could not possibly work.

    Darwinism faces similar problems with respect to all greatly talented individuals.  Noble Laureates never have given birth to other Noble Laureates. The fact is that children of geniuses are almost never geniuses, and the children of greatly talented parents almost never are equally and similarly talented.  Perhaps even more important, some of the world’s most talented children came from impoverished, under privileged parents with so-called inferior genes.


    Perhaps it is in part due to what psychologists have called the Rule of Return to Normalcy.  This rule says that if parents are very above normal or very below normal, their children will be MORE NORMAL rather than being like the parents.  This should be shocking to Darwinists because it completely contradicts the Theory of Evolution. Darwin supporters assert that the fittest will survive and pass on their genes to their children so that the children will also be fittest and survive.  No one could be more fit than the best athletes or the smartest members of the species – but they do not pass on their athletic skills or their brain power!

    All the facts support the Rule of Return to Normalcy.  The Kennedys, Fords, Rockefellers, DuPonts, etc. all have had a single amazingly successful and talented founder but the none of the succeeding generations ever produced anyone even nearly as capable as the founder.  You surely have come across this in your own life but maybe never paid much attention to it.  We all know plenty of very successful parents whose children simply do not have what it takes.

    The Rule of Return to Normalcy also explains why parents of no distinguish will have a child with truly remarkable abilities.  There are innumerable rags to riches stories, and so millions of children from the ghettos have become Cinderella stories.

    If Evolution Theory actually worked, there would be no Cinderella stories and your parents would have had to be special in order for you to become special.  If Evolution Theory really worked, Earth would be a very sad place to be because parents with normal genes could not dream about having an especially talented child. 

    How sad that would be.

    But thank God that is not the case.

    Every parent has a chance of having a super talented child.  Michael Jordan came from parents that Darwinists would say did not have a great set of genes.  So did Wayne Gretzky, Bill Russell, Shaquille O’Neal, Randy Johnson, Jim Brady, Jesse Owen and millions more Cinderellas.  So did Oprah Winfrey, Sean Connery, Richard Burton, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, and the list goes on and on and on.

    The reason any parents can have fabulously talented children is that God designed it that way.  God designed the world such that the alignment of the planets on a day someone is born helps the person to have certain talents and abilities. Some alignments of the planets are more helpful than others.  And different planetary alignments help the babies in different ways.  For example, when Mars and Venus are aligned exactly together in sky, the baby will have great athletic ability; when Venus and Mercury are aligned exactly together in the sky, the baby will have a great mind. (See footnote two.)  These are some of the many principles of Magi Astrology. And it is why some parents who have no athletic ability themselves can have children who become great athletes.

    If Magi Astrology really works, then Darwinism does not work. 

    Darwinism is based on the premise that parents who have the greatest ability to survive have this advantage because of their genes and they will usually pass on this advantage to their children because the children inherit the parents’ genes.  But if parents cannot pass on such advantages to their children, then Darwinism cannot work.

    We will prove on this website that our children’s special abilities are not the result of the parents’ genes but rather is due to the children being blessed enough to be born during special planetary alignments.  Therefore parents cannot pass on their advantages to their children.  This breaks the Darwinian chain of events necessary for Darwinism to work.  Therefore, Darwinism is wrong and false.

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